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General Principles

 The Business to Business obeys rules quite different from the retail trade with private individuals.The relations we have soon established with our current Partners and we would like to extend to new Partners, are based on mutual trust and balanced share of the profits. They are initially bilateral that is to say strictly confidential, and then collective within a community of Partners, anxious to safeguard the uniqueness of the Products we market together. These relations are organized around the following concepts and will get more and more sense with the passing of time, shared experiences and meetings.

Ranges of Products and Services
 The Products are distributed in 10 homogeneous ranges distributed in 3 Categories (Cases, Products sold loose, Accessories) whose access depend on the status (the Day Partner may buy only Products belonging to 0,2,3 and 9 ranges) and on the terms of the Bilateral Agreement concluded with Debauve and Gallais (according to quantities ordered and experience gained in the sale of products of luxury). Because a clever choice is a prime success condition, Debauve and Gallais management never hesitate to advise the Partners before and after the order. After some years of mutually profitable business, a Partner may study with Debauve and Gallais other possibilities of co-operation, in particular free or subject to payment licences (packing, manufacturing...). The Services includes also a broad iconography and relevant informations for the local medias.

Limited Access: Day Partner and Full Partner status
 The access to the website is neither free nor closed. Every Visitor can make a free tour of most of the pages but he has to be registered as Partner to visualize the prices, reach the Order Form and get an Account. To be registered, the Visitor has to fill the Registration Form and communicate any relevant information about its own business and its plans. The partnership is granted only if it does not threaten the commercial interests of an older partner and if the transmitted informations seem to be consistent with our commercial aims. The status of Day Partner is then granted to the Visitor: it is a one-shot buyer status that enables him to buy once among a limited number of ranges of Products but with a discount. Thus the Day Partner after having fill the Order Form will receive a Commercial Proposal including a price quotation (with a discount) and a delivery period. He can accept it or not. To become a regular buyer and have access to all the ranges of Products, the Day Partner may request a Full Partner status: he must then get in touch with our Overseas Department to set up a mission in Paris to reach a Bilateral Agreement.

Quality and Respect of the Products
 The products are made with raw materials of great quality, without additives or conservatives (soy lecithin for instance) others than the products necessary to silk-printing, according to small scale manufacturing processes which leaves the beautiful share with the craft industry. Consequently, the Products are as uniquely tasty as delicate: they require special care for transport, display and preserving.

Terms and Conditions
 The Terms and Conditions govern the relations between Debauve and Gallais and the Partners.They relates notably to the different status, the order process and the trademarks rights. A thorough reading is adviced to the Visitors.They may be specified by the terms of the Bilateral Agreement each Full Partner has to reach with Debauve and Gallais.

Frequently Asked Questions
 The FAQ are dedicated to the Visitors who wish to become Day Partners and to the Day Partners who wish to put an order.

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