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Partnership rules

Access to the site is subjected to certain conditions
The site is a community of Partners belonging to two different status, which meet certain conditions and commit themself to respect some Partnership rules. The first status, whose rights are limited, is granted to a "one shot" purchaser (a Day Partner). The second status, whose rights are listed and specified in a Bilateral Agreement, is granted to a regular purchaser (a Full Partner). In the first case, the access to the Products is restricted, in the second it is due to extend gradually to all the Products.

The partnership conditions
 They are relatives notably to the current business, the range of products, the place, the experience in similar products, the social structure, the plants and machineries...

 The rules are about the display of the products (range of products, pricing policy, packaging...), the relationships with local administrations (in particular the Customs), the rules between partners (mutual information, advertising and public relations...).

Website access and prices visualization
 To access to our site and visualize the prices, you have first to carefully fill the Registration Form, second to wait our agreement, then to become a Day Partner and receive a Login and a Password. Thus, you could visualize the prices (they are shipping costs and VAT excluded), fill an Order Form which is a request for a quote and a delivery period, receive our answer, the Commercial Proposal,appreciate the Partner Discount we propose to all Partner and at last, accept or refuse our Commercial Proposal. The amount of the proposed Partner Discount depends on the estimated volume of the purchases over one year.

Quote request and delivery period
 To request for a quote and a delivery period two cases arise: If you are Day Partner don't hesitate to tell us more about you and your projects (mail or E-mail) and choose exclusively in the pre-packed Products (ranges 0, 2,3 and 9); If you are a Full Partner, we have yet concluded a Bilateral Agreement whose terms define your access to the other ranges of Products (ranges 1, 4, 5,6, 7, 8).

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