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The access to the website is free but to vizualise the prices and to reach the Order Form you have to be registered to ask for registration. Your buying profile will depend on your status, Day partner or Full partner.

The order process consists of three steps:
the Partnerfill the Order Form which is a request for a quote and a delivery period and send it to Debauve and Gallais;
Debauve and Gallais issue a Commercial Proposal which includes a total price (Partner Discount and Bilateral Discount) as well as a delivery period;
The partner accept or refuse the Commercial Proposal.

The Cases
Click here to discover our unique range of chocolates cases, traditional coat of arms type or collector's numbered boxes...The Order Form is open to all Partners, Day Partner and Full Partner.

The Loose
Discover our height ranges of Products sold in loose, two sold pre-packed (chocolate Bars and Solid Squares) and six sold plain...The Order Form open to all Partners for the pre-packed Products, is available only to Full Partners and according the terms of the Bilateral Agreements for the plain Products.

The Accessories
Click here to discover our range of accessories dedicated to the sales promotion (Connoisseur's Guide, XIXth century Chromos, books...)...They are sold loose and the Order Form is open to all Partners, Day Partner as well as Full Partner.

Debauve and Gallais entrusts the order to the air carrier only when its account has been credited of the interbank credit transfert send by the bank of the Partner. The applicable INCOTERMS are Ex-Works. The Partner is sole responsible for the Customs risks (refusal for entry, holding or destruction of the Products by the the Customs of the place of delivery). The Partner must get all relevant informations about Customs formalities and transmit an itemized statement to Debauve and Gallais.

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