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Christmas sweets: dark Christmas tree
Why not to decorate your Christmas tree with a true dark chocolate Christmas tree...Great !!!
This Christmas tree with a hole to be hung is decorated with grilled almonds, dried fruits and orange peels...it will be difficult not to indulge in !! 
Cocoas, cane sugar, almond, candied orange peel, pistachio, whole milk powder, arabic gum, glucose syrup, honey, lac gum, vanilla pod.
Coloring Agents for decoration: E102-CI.19140 / E171-CI.77891 / E172-CI.77489

Validity period:

Name Pieces Weight WgtAll UnitParts Price Qty
Christmas sweets: dark Christmas tree 15 1 050 1 350 x1 ***  

The meaning of the different acronyms used in the Products pages is the following:
-- Ingredients: the Products are made on a small-scale, so the percentage are rounded off and not given when they are less than 1%.
-- Pieces: Unit number of Chocolate candies included in one Case (if meaningful).
-- Weight: Weight of Products included in one Case (denominated in grams).
-- WghtAll: Total weight (Products and packaging) of one Case (denominated in grams).
-- Parts: Unit number of Cases (from 1 to 30) included in a Shipping package.
-- Price: Unit price in Euros of a Shipping package, V.A.T and transport excluded, without Discounts.
-- Quantity: Unit number of Shipping package(s) you intent to order in each kind of Products.
-- Perishable means that the Products are eatable in the three months of the delivery.
-- Non Perishable means that the Products are eatable in the six months of the delivery.

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